Models and Datasets

Applied Management develops innovative data products and models which transform large databases into meaningful management information and assist in new product market forecasting.

Market Access Toolkit

The Toolkit is a unique combination of proprietary data, analysis and consulting services available to pharmaceutical manufacturers on an annual subscription basis. The Toolkit includes:

ExpandEmployers' Drug Plan Database

ExpandPrivate Coverage Product Reports

ExpandCensus of Insurers and PBMs

ExpandPrivate Healthcare Insurance Insights quarterly

ExpandPrivate Insurers' Submission Requirements

Time and Resources

Market Access Toolkit

PRISM (Population Prescription Insurance Status Model)

Applied Management has spent years developing PRISM software; a comprehensive model of all Canadians segmented by province, gender, their access to insurance for prescription drugs, types of insurance coverage and who pays their drug costs.

ExpandWith PRISM you can:


'In-Sites' - Understanding the Payer Dynamics of Small Areas

'In-Sites' is a database of the drug insurance coverage status of the Canadian population at the FSA (first three letters of a postal code) level. The data can be customized to a therapeutic area or applied to full population. Tools can be built from the database to manage territory alignments, provide coverage information to sales reps, help with physician messaging and help allocate resources efficiently.

ExpandInsurance source is segmented into:

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